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E-commerce behemoth Amazon has announced that it is launching a business accelerator scheme for small firms and start-ups in the UK, with the aim of helping them bounce back from the pandemic.

Called Amazon Small Business Accelerator, this scheme has been developed with Enterprise Nation, a network that provides support for small firms and it will seek to help companies make money online. Around 200,000 established and start-up firms will be able to take part in its internet training programme at no cost, which will determine their growth level and provide them with access to Amazon Web Services and Business discounts.

The online retail giant is also set to provide a smaller number of businesses that operate mainly offline rather than online – roughly 1,000 – with an intensive one-week course that will feature networking, expert advice and day-to-day operations, marketing and money management guidance. Those who do not take part in this can still get advice on managing their finances from business accountancy services in South Yorkshire or any other UK region.

The aim of this one-week course is to help these firms to grow by exploiting online opportunities, with the UK country manager for Amazon, Doug Gurr, telling City AM:

“Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and by helping them we can help families, communities and the UK bounce back more quickly.”

He went on to add that some firms had thrived during the pandemic by offering their products or services online, and that this scheme would help others do the same.

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