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Smaller manufacturing firms in the Yorkshire area are being encouraged not to miss out on a funding programme as they try to bounce back from the pandemic.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme will now be maintained until the end of 2022 and offers companies grant funding to address short-term financial problems and help them plan for the future, as well as advice from experts in the manufacturing sector. Oxford Innovation Services manages the programme, while the actual money comes from ERDF.

It is hoped that over the next three and a half years, the project will support 2,800 of these firms, now including Sheffield ones, and lead to the retention and creation of roughly 3,500 jobs. Speaking to Insider Media, its managing director Martin Coats said that the media was focused on the bigger manufacturing firms trying to recover from the pandemic, but this programme was about helping the smaller ones that are a vital link in the chain, adding:

“Our track record in delivering on-the-ground expert support was pivotal in us securing an additional £6.5m of funding that is ring-fenced for ensuring SME manufacturers can overcome barriers to growth and return to doing what they do best: making things.”

Since it was launched, Yorkshire firms have received funding of £1.2m via this scheme and getting financial advice from accountants in South Yorkshire that specialise in services for small businesses is another step that some of these firms may be taking as they look to restart after the lockdown.

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