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A new study by Hitachi Capital Business Finance has found that the happiness and motivation levels of employees are the top priorities for over one in two owners of small firms.

The results show that 55% of small business owners view this as their main priority, while among those below the age of 35, it rises to 60%. These figures have been revealed during a period when the wellbeing of people is causing concern due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, with roughly 39% of UK adults having stated that it has damaged their mental health.

Hitachi spoke to 1,447 owners of small firms from across the country and discovered that a great many are aware of the stress that the virus has caused for employees, and they are taking the need to look after the mental health of their staff seriously.

Speaking to Business News Wales, Joanna Morris from Hitachi said:

“Keeping staff morale up can be difficult, but the simplest acts of supporting staff wellbeing can go a long way in these challenging times.”

Furthermore, a number of participants stated that they were also looking into ways of improving their own happiness and health levels in the home. Small family firms are leading the way on this, with 90% of owners saying that they are using cooking, gardening and other methods to boost their mood at home.

Getting a small business accountant in Goole or any other region to help with the financial management can also ease stress levels for business owners.

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