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A new list that has been published of companies in the UK deemed to be the most inspirational features a total of over 80 firms that are based within the Humber and Yorkshire areas.

The London Stock Exchange put the list together, which has been named “1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain”. The list, along with the report that goes with it, is intended to shine a light on firms of all sizes from across the UK that have innovated in some way or are enjoying particularly rapid growth. Among the firms from the Humber and Yorkshire that are included are Pipers Crisps, Zoo Digital, Hainsworth, Caddick Group and Harworth Group.

The London Stock Exchange Group CEO David Schwimmer said that the list and accompanying report show just how important small and medium sized enterprises are in growing the overall UK economy, developing new ideas and providing employment.

Schwimmer then added that the difficulties such firms had experienced in the wake of the pandemic made it particularly crucial to recognise those that have shown the entrepreneurial qualities and strength needed to survive it. He concluded by saying that it was smaller and medium sized firms throughout the country that would help the UK recover, and the London Stock Exchange would support them in doing that.

A small business accountant in South Yorkshire is another resource that firms in that region can turn to for help with navigating the effects of the pandemic.

Turnover during the past three years is used to determine which companies make the list.

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