If you’re a self-employed director of a limited company, this is a very difficult period, as there has been no real help from the government during the COVID-19 crisis. This means finding ways of cutting what you have to pay in tax is more important than ever. Here are some options to look into:

Plan with your accountant

Research shows that taxpayers in Britain overpay tax by £4.9 billion each year, with failure to plan being part of the reason why. Make a point of speaking to your accountant about ways of saving on tax – or get an accountant who understands tax return services in Goole or anywhere else if you don’t have one – so that you can prepare a strategy.

Look beyond salaries and dividends

It was fine to focus on paying yourself via dividends rather than a salary until HMRC started to clamp down on the matter. If you now find that most of these dividends are subject to a high tax rate, you can mitigate this through paying some of them into structures exempt from tax, such a pension, or by using trusts.

Claim what you’re entitled to

As a limited company director, you’re entitled to claim against your tax liabilities for everything from holidays to school fees, and you should be taking advantage of expenses you’re legally entitled to.

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