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An education provider in Yorkshire has announced that it is launching a brand-new hub that will offer a range of training services for businesses and individuals in the region.

Called the Yorkshire Centre for Training and Development (YCTD), this hub is the brainchild of Luminate Education Group. It will provide specially tailored packages of skills training that will be put together to meet the individual requirements of companies in Yorkshire and those who work for them. These will include courses in how to deal with redundancies, developing your professional skills and issues related to compliance.

The teachers for the various courses will come from three different colleges in the region – Harrogate, Keighley and Leeds City. This will make it a valuable resource for firms across Yorkshire, alongside others, such as accountancy services in Doncaster and other towns.

One of the directors for the centre, Lee Pryor, told the Business Desk that the changes that both COVID-19 and Brexit were causing made it more crucial than ever for small businesses and their employees to keep learning new skills, adding:

“Our service will start with a complimentary skills planning session to understand the business, so that we can effectively identify its training needs, and match these to a budget.”

Pryor went on to say that businesses could opt for sessions that take place online or in-person, depending on which is the best for their schedule and their needs. He concluded by stating that the YCTD aimed to help firms in as many sectors as it possibly could.

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