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A brand-new online tool for carrying out security assessments has been launched and is being targeted at sole traders and those who run micro businesses.

This online tool will be completely free to use and will be made available via the government’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). It is hoped that those who operate as sole traders or run very small businesses will make use of it, as the government considers them to be at high risk of cyber fraud, as they generally do not have the budgets to spend on security that larger firms do.

The lack of budget places them in danger of falling victim to frauds, ransomware and identity theft. Research into the issue conducted by the government found that 46% of such firms had experienced cyber fraud or security breaches during the past year. Among micro firms, 78% told the survey that online security had become less of a priority to them.

This new government tool will involve business owners answering security-related questions and will provide advice on how to improve it based on the answers – as well as links to security services. Speaking to Info Security, Sarah Lyons from the NCSC said:

“Our free Cyber Action Plan is here to help, offering bespoke, actionable information linked to the Cyber Aware behaviours.”

Hiring a business accountant from Goole or wherever they are based to handle money and tax management is another step that these firms can take to reduce the risk of financial cyber fraud.

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