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An expert in improving customer experience has created a new technology tool that provides the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises with access to leading businesspeople.

This tool is called Bubul, and it is the brainchild of Nigel Greenwood. It can be downloaded by smaller and start-up companies at no cost. Should they do so, they will find themselves inside a virtual meeting space where they can talk to 30 leaders from different business sectors about a range of relevant topics. They will receive analyses of the experience of customers using their business, customised recommendations for improving it, resources and advice.

The technology department at the University of Bradford helped Greenwood develop this solution. Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, he stated that his entire working life had been dedicated to looking at how business revenues can be boosted by making customer experiences better. He then went on to add:

“Seven years ago, I decided I wanted to help small businesses grow and prosper by giving them access to the tools and advice that larger companies take for granted.”

Greenwood then pointed out that Bubul would give small firms the same kind of services that have enabled Apple and Amazon to grow. The financial advice provided by a specialist small business accountant from Doncaster or wherever a firm is based can be similarly effective.

The tool creator concluded by saying that companies that ask for help from experts have the best odds of success, and he added that this tool would let them do that.

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