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A small business organisation has joined forces with a platform focused on cyber security to warn UK small firms that they need to secure their data and ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The SME Club is a national organisation dedicated to small firms, and it has linked up with Naq Cyber, a platform focused on GDPR compliance and cyber security, to issue this warning to smaller companies. A recent survey of small businesses found that just 10% of them are in compliance with the GDPR at the moment, leading to concerns that it could become a major problem.

This survey also shows that 80% of UK small firms feel that their data will be of no value to cyber criminals, resulting in the belief that they do not have to take steps to secure it. Not only does this put them at risk of data breaches, but it could also see them hit with fines for failing to comply with the GDPR. A total of 61% of smaller firms experienced a cybercrime last year, showing that the belief is entirely inaccurate.

Naq Cyber CEO Nadia Kadhim told London Loves Business that:

“It is critical that small businesses start taking this seriously and consider investing in ongoing protection and advice in the same way they would hire an accountant to manage their accounts.”

Many firms also use the services of an accountant for small business in Goole or wherever they are based, as it cuts the amount of sensitive financial data they have to store on their own systems.

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