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New research by the Business Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) indicates that many smaller firms are still waiting to get Restart Grants – over a month after applications for them opened.

These grants are supposed to be distributed by local councils to small businesses that need them, but BIRA is stating that many of these companies across England have still not received the cash they are due. One business owner who is a member of BIRA told the organisation that their council website had initially guaranteed the grants would be delivered by late last month, only for that to then be pushed forward to the end of this month.

The government first announced these grants during its Spring Budget, and they are designed to support those firms classed as ‘non-essential’ while they start to reopen following the lockdown.

The CEO of BIRA, Andrew Goodacre, told Small Business that the organisation was unhappy about the hold up in getting the grants out to firms now that shops are opening up again. He then went on to add:

“In our view these should have been with business owners before the shops opened and now we are in May and still too many independent retailers are waiting.”

Goodacre concluded by urging councils to move more quickly in distributing the money.

This shows why some owners of small businesses use the services of accountants in Goole or whatever region they live in, as professionals can help them to avoid a cashflow crisis by keeping watch over incomings and outgoings.

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