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A new survey of UK small businesses has found that less than half of them are intending to ask employees to go back to office working when restrictions concerning this are lifted on June 21st.

This survey, conducted by Hitachi Capital Business Finance, spoke to more than 1,000 owners of small firms throughout the UK. The intention was to discover what their thoughts are regarding office working, and the results show that less than 50% of them will be demanding a full-time return to this way of working from next month.

Furthermore, 16% of the owners that Hitachi surveyed stated they are planning to maintain current working from home rules after June 21st, while close to one quarter of them plan to implement a mix of the two instead of going back to full-time office working. Nearly one third of the owners stated that they would be sticking with homeworking on a permanent basis.

Switching to using outside accountants in Goole or any other area of the UK can help small firms to streamline their operations and more easily implement permanent remote working.

Among the reasons cited by business owners for delaying the full return to office life were the ongoing possibility of contracting Covid-19 and the desire to achieve a better balance between working and home life. Working from home was viewed by almost half of the participants – 48% – as still being the safest of all options in the wake of the pandemic.

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