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There are many reasons why a small business may need assistance from a personal accountant. If a firm doesn’t need a full-time bookkeeper but requires someone with more professional skills than a receptionist or office manager can deliver, an accountant is a wise move. However, in some cases, companies struggle to find a suitable full-time staff member with the right skills at an affordable price.

Support from a professional accountant is also sought when temporary assistance is needed to cover an existing employee, but can also be useful for longer-term plans, such as scaling bookkeeping and accounting services effectively when a company expands.

Regardless of the reason, when a firm decides to hire a personal accountant or accountancy firm, there are key concerns that must be addressed. Here, we’ll look at points to consider when outsourcing these tasks to a professional.

What services do you need?

First establish exactly what assistance your company requires. Do you need end-of-month reports, payroll services, balance sheets, accounts receivables and payables handled, or financial statements submitted to the authorities? You may require someone to prepare your company’s bank reconciliations and analyse your financial progress, or simply a person who will enter all data into your accounting software. Whatever your needs, clarify them in a list before approaching an accountant or accountancy firm.

Establish a budget

All accounting and bookkeeping services will have their own payment systems, with some charging by the hour and others by month. Select a payment term that suits your firm’s budget and operational needs, but never choose solely based on a low price.


Make certain that the accountancy assistance you hire is professional, experienced and qualified. Do your research, checking recommendations and track records, ensuring the accountants your hire have an impeccable reputation and deliver consistent and high-quality results.

Data protection

Data security is an integral part of outsourcing your accounting. Only ever deal with accountancy firms that are able to deliver the privacy and confidentiality you require and can guarantee secure transactions, especially when involving financial data and cash payments.

Personalised accountancy services

If you currently need a small business accountant for your South Yorkshire firm, you can look to Adaptive Accountancy for strong support. Unlike many other companies, we take a bespoke approach to the services we offer. Informed by our clients, we tailor accountancy packages to suit their individual needs for a more convenient and cost-effective way of working.

Small businesses can obtain only the accountancy services they require, so they never pay for additional options they’ll never make use of. The solutions we provide are also designed to match the way our clients’ companies operate, so if you need support out of regular office hours, we’ll be available, or if you need your financial reports sent by text to keep life simple, we’ll make it possible.

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