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New research has shown that more than one out of every three small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK is planning on hiring more staff during the upcoming year.

This survey from alternative finance provider Capify saw it speak to over 250 UK SMEs about their plans in the wake of the pandemic. The results show that recruitment is high on the list of post-Covid-19 priorities for many, as one out of every three said that they are aiming for an increase of over 10% in their staff numbers in the next year.

Furthermore, 58% stated that they expected to retain all of their existing employees, with just 7% of the SMEs that Capify surveyed stating that they expected to have to let people go. This offers some encouragement that smaller firms are positive about their chances of recovery, with accountants in Goole and other places always available to help them deal with financial issues.

Speaking to London Loves Business, John Rozenbroek from Capify said that the focus on employees was positive, as it is talented people that are at the heart of successful companies, adding:

“We know that the small business community is resilient and it’s promising to see that many are optimistic about the future, with investment and future growth important priorities.”

Capify also asked SMEs to outline what they saw as the key areas to put money into during the upcoming year. In response, 41% said that improving staff training was their main investment priority.

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