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More than half of all small businesses in the UK are thinking seriously about switching to a new broadband provider, according to the latest Sky Connect survey.

This survey found that 51% of these firms viewed changing broadband providers as something that they were probably going to do in 2022. The major reasons that were cited for this were the connection not being reliable enough, downloading and uploading taking too long and a poor standard of service from their current providers.

What makes the results of the survey more surprising is that 71% of the small firms that Sky Connect spoke to – adding up to almost three quarters – also said that they have put money into broadband and adapting their companies to online trading in the last year.

The survey shows that these firms are unwilling to tolerate poor service standards, and this is likely true of other areas too, such as accountancy. Small firms expect their accountants in Goole or wherever they are based to be available to deal with problems at all times, just as with broadband companies.

Broadband problems had left 33% of firms surveyed unable to speak to suppliers or customers when they needed to, while slow speeds holding them back had been a concern for 77%.

The problems caused by these issues range from loss of customers for 32% of the companies, to loss of productivity for a further 32%. The survey shows how vital it is for small businesses to have services they can depend upon.

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