Businesses that are part of the night-time economy in South Yorkshire have issued a warning that they will struggle to survive if harsh new Covid-19 restrictions are introduced.

The UK government has already modified the rules in the wake of the Omicron mutation of the virus, with nightclubs now required to check that people trying to enter have been double vaccinated or have tested negative for Covid-19. This is an attempt to prevent the spread of the variant from getting out of control, but owners of these clubs in South Yorkshire have expressed concern.

Speaking to Planet Radio, Mojo Bar’s Managing Director, Martin Greenhow, said that business for nightclubs and bars is slow in January, but the festive period usually sees them double their income. He then pointed out that this meant bringing in new restrictions now would be the final straw for many.

Greenhow went on to add that:

“It’s staggeringly badly timed and the motives behind it I think are questionable. But I would really call upon everybody in hospitality to stand with the nightclub sector.”

Businesses across the region trying to cope with the financial fallout can turn to accountants in Goole for help in formulating a plan for the next few months.

The new rules for entry into nightclubs have been brought in after scientists indicated that the UK could experience a scenario of Omicron cases doubling every day over Christmas. The worry is that this would put the NHS under a strain it would be unable to cope with.

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