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Those operating as sole traders often enjoy the freedom of steering their own ship, but most will admit such a career path comes with its own unique challenges.

When employed by a company, individuals will find their earnings are effectively managed by the firm’s accounts department, with a payslip issued each month with any tax already paid. However, when a person selects to become self-employed, they also become solely responsible for their income, and this includes paying tax, National Insurance and pension contributions. It also means that it is up to them to balance their own finances and ensure they have sufficient funds for the present and the future.

Read on to discover why many sole traders select the help of a personal accountant to navigate these areas.

Peace of mind

Tax rules can be complicated. Sole traders seeking to avoid the common pitfalls of handling their own accounts can relax knowing that a certified expert is managing their finances and their yearly tax return. Self-assessments are completed accurately and on time by accountancy services, ensuring no issues or penalties arise.

Furthermore, aware of the latest legislation, accountants can make sure that sole traders never pay too much tax and claim for any expenses legally owed to them. A wide range of business expenses can be claimed for, from buying technology such as mobile phones and computers to business travel expenses, vehicle hire and even uniform maintenance.

Accounting expertise

When you are solely responsible for the income you earn, it is understood that free time is often in short supply. Enlisting the assistance of a professional accountant enables sole traders to focus on their work, instead of spending hours on accounting tasks they are not proficient in.

Experts in their field, certified accountants can complete the services they provide quickly and efficiently. This not only ensures accuracy, but makes their services exceptionally cost-effective for sole traders seeking accountancy aid at affordable rates. Additionally, self-employed individuals can select as little or as much help as they require to keep costs within their budget.

Planning for the future

Accountants also work closely alongside their clients to understand their current financial ambitions and future goals. They can then help sole traders to develop a financial plan that road maps step by step how these aims can be achieved.

Could you benefit from accountancy services in Goole?

If you are self-employed and looking for help with your accounts, you can count on Adaptive Accountancy for any assistance you require. With an understanding that having a professional handle accounting tasks can offer business professionals peace of mind and save them time and money, we provide tailored, expert services to meet the individual needs of sole traders.

Whether you need aid keeping track of your business expenditure and income with dedicated bookkeeping skills or guidance for a tax refund or annual return, we can help. Get in touch today to discuss your accountancy needs, and we will create a bespoke package of services to suit your personal requirements.

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