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The latest research shows that two out of every three people in the UK have hopes of launching small businesses of their own down the line, despite the effect that the pandemic has had on small firms.

This research by FreeAgent found that having their own business is an ambition for 64% of British people, which marks a rise of more than 10% on the number who felt that way last year. In the 2021 survey, 51.2% said that they hoped to launch their own small firms. FreeAgent also found that 11% of those responding to its survey are planning to go into business for themselves during 2022, while 21% expect to do so within a few years.

Young people are the most enthusiastic about going into business for themselves, as 80% of those between 18 and 34 years old said that having their own companies was an ambition. More than 50% of those between 35 and 54 – and one third of over 55s – said that this was something they wanted to do.

Starting a business can be exciting yet risky, but those who reach out to a small business accountant in Goole or wherever they are located can help to give themselves a good chance of succeeding.

When it comes to the reasons why people want to own their own companies, the most popular one in 2022 is the desire to achieve a better balance between work and home life. This was cited by 47% of respondents, with being their own boss coming second on 44%.

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