Navigating Inflation: How It Impacts Your Small Business Finances

When it comes time to pay your suppliers, do you find yourself feeling the financial squeeze? You’ve likely heard about the ongoing ‘cost of living crisis’ in the news, but have you ever wondered how it directly affects your small business? Picture this scenario: your suppliers are sending invoices your way like flaming torches, and […]

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Diversifying Income Streams: Why It’s Crucial for Your Business

In recent news, Etsy made a significant change by introducing a reserve system. This adjustment meant that some of their sellers found themselves with 75% of their earnings locked up for a lengthy 45-day period. When you consider that the remaining 25% went towards Etsy fees, it left these sellers with minimal income to sustain […]

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Maximising Tax Deductions: What Expenses Can You Claim for Your Business and Rental Properties?

In the world of accounting, one common question we often encounter from prospective clients is: “What can I claim as an expense?” It’s a fundamental query, and today, we’ll break it down to its essentials. Understanding Business Expenses The official definition states that an expense must be “wholly” and “exclusively” a business expense. But let’s […]

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What is the Pay As You Grow scheme?

Enterprises that have taken advantage of government assistance during COVID-19 in the form of Bounce Back Loans will find help readily available when making repayments. The Pay As You Grow scheme is one such option, and in the next passages, we’ll explore what benefits businesses can gain from this

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