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A new campaign has been launched aimed at raising awareness of the plight of small family firms that have received little state support during the coronavirus crisis.

This campaign is using the tag #ForgottenLtd, with the suggestion that the companies in question have been ignored during the rush to provide financial assistance for UK businesses. The firms it is intended to win support for are smaller family-owned ones like decorators, electricians, web designers and hairdressers that have not been eligible for much government financial help up to now.

Those behind it are planning to lobby groups that can make a difference – including individual MPs, the Treasury and select committees – pointing out what little support family firms of this kind have been given compared with other parts of the business community.

One of those who set the campaign up is Gina Broadhurst, and she told Business Live:

“In our research, we had responses from over 1,600 small independent and family business owners from across the UK, from a diverse range of sectors and size of business, all who create jobs and pay huge amounts of tax into UK PLC.”

She went on to add that 88% of them felt let down by the government, with thousands facing financial black holes. While this campaign may succeed in winning these firms the help they need, looking to a specialist family business accountant in South Yorkshire or wherever they are located is another step such firms might take to help them manage their current financial issues.

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