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Unless you are experienced in dealing with the financial management involved in running a small business, hiring an accountant could mean the difference between success and failure. However, there are many points you need to consider before rushing into choosing an accountant.


There are different kinds of accountants and knowing what your business needs will help you make the right choice. If you just want someone to deal with maintenance of business records and financial statements, choosing a non-certified accountant or bookkeeper will be fine. On the other hand, if the work will involve auditing your company’s statements and completing tax returns, you need a fully certified accountant.


An accountant that handles both large and small firms may prioritise the former, so picking a specialist accountant for small business in South Yorkshire or any other area of the UK can be better for people with smaller companies. Equally, some accountants are great during standard business hours, but unavailable outside of those – even in a crisis. Look for an accountant that will be able to help you whenever you need them.


However qualified they might be, few business owners will want an accountant with no relevant experience managing their company’s finances. Try to choose a firm with a proven, real-world track record of dealing with companies of your size and handling the tasks you require them to conduct.

At Adaptive Accountancy, we have been providing round-the-clock support to small, family and sole trader businesses for a decade. Call us today for details.

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