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What questions should small business owners ask their accountants?

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It is important for any owner of a small business to meet with their accountant regularly, but these meetings will be pointless if you do not ask the right questions. So, what issues should you raise?

What can I do to assist you?

However great your accountant may be, their ability to help you will be limited if they do not get the necessary information. Make sure to ask if there is anything you can do to help – for example, specific ways of documenting and organising your financial information to save them valuable time.

How can we make tax matters better?

Tax is a standard part of having your own business, which is why it makes sense to choose an accountant that specialises in tax return services in Goole or wherever you happen to be based. Ask them how you can deal with record-keeping and payments to make the process simpler, and how you can reduce your liabilities through tax relief, for example.

How can my business cash flow be improved?

Maintaining adequate cash flow can be hard for smaller businesses due to late payments and other everyday issues, but it is essential for survival and growth. It is also an area that a quality accountant can help you with, so ask them to analyse your business cash flow and suggest ways to improve and manage it better.

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