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A support scheme that is targeted at businesses in Yorkshire experienced a massive rise in demand for its services throughout 2020, with the number of firms accessing it increasing by almost one third.

AD: VENTURE was first launched five years ago, and it offers a range of services to firms in Yorkshire that have been operating for fewer than three years. In the period since it was introduced, over 3,500 companies in the region have chosen to access its help, but the number opting to do so rose by roughly 30% during the course of the last year.

The manager of the scheme, Sarah Carling, stated that it had been adapted to provide more online delivery to local firms following a spike in demand when the lockdown was implemented.

Carling then went on to add that business owners in the Yorkshire area had been in particular need of one-on-one advice to help them find ways of adjusting their operations to survive COVID-19, and to get the state support they are entitled to.

In addition to offering this personalised support service to local firms, AD: VENTURE has also provided a total of 116 business events in the past year – with most of these having taken place over the internet. They have covered subjects such as how to market to particular demographics and how to pitch your company to potential investors.

Many firms throughout the region will also have sought the advice of reputable accountants in South Yorkshire as they try to get through the pandemic.

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