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A new survey carried out on behalf of Enterprise Nation has found that the enthusiasm among people in the UK for starting their own small businesses has risen, despite the effects of the pandemic.

The survey was commissioned by the support network for small firms and Start Up Loans, a business financing scheme backed by the government. It spoke to 2,000 people in the UK with the aim of assessing the levels of enterprise ambition, and it found that one out of every five participants hoped to create a small business during the upcoming year.

Furthermore, when the results are narrowed down to focus on those aged between 18 and 34, the number aiming to go into business for themselves rises to 34%, which is more than a third. Indeed, one out of every 10 people that took part in the study indicated that they have already started to plan for the launch of their small business.

What makes these figures even more encouraging is that 37% of people taking part said that this was a longstanding dream, rather than something borne of necessity due to COVID-19 related job losses. However, 12% indicated that they wanted greater support and information about launching a small firm. Contacting a small business accountant from Goole or wherever they live is one way of getting some of that help.

Emma Jones from Enterprise Nation said that the survey showed COVID-19 had not destroyed the desire to launch small businesses in the UK, but that assistance was needed for those interested.

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