The government is being blamed by local councils across the UK for delays in the payments of grants to small businesses affected by COVID-19, with many of these firms still not having received money due.

According to the government, every penny of the grants that are due to businesses since the announcement of the second lockdown has been sent to local authorities across the country so that they can get it to business owners in need. The grants add up to £4.6 billion, but the councils have indicated that it is money from last year’s support grants – which totals £12 billion – that they have yet to receive.

This £12 billion is divided across 10 different grants for businesses and individuals, and it was intended to help small firms survive regional restrictions that were brought in during October 2020, as well as the month-long lockdown introduced on 5th November last year.

Some of the money that is still to be delivered to local councils was also to help with the varying restrictions by region that were imposed in December 2020, making the payments very overdue.

Owners of those firms that are entitled to such grant help but are still waiting on it have stated that they might not be able to stay afloat until it arrives. However, an accountant for small business in South Yorkshire or whichever region they are based in may be able to help these firms deal with their short-term financial problems.

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