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Qdos is stating that it expects there to be a significant increase in the number of jobs for IT contractors that are listed as being outside IR35 during the upcoming months.

The insurance provider for contractors carried out a survey not long ago that saw it speak to 1,846 contractors from across the country about what the response to IR35 has been among those who hire them. IR35 was enforced across the private sector from April of this year, and it makes those hiring freelancers liable for establishing whether they fall inside or outside of it for tax purposes.

Having analysed the results of the survey, Qdos has concluded that roles classed as outside IR35 will go up, but the initial response has been the same as it was in the public sector – companies refusing to hire contractors or classifying all such work as being inside IR35. Accountants in Goole or anywhere who have IR35 expertise can help firms and contract workers figure such matters out.

The survey found that just 35% of contractors had found themselves classified as outside IR35, while 65% had been classed as inside by clients. However, CEO of Qdos, Seb Maley, told Computer Weekly that:

“I’m not surprised that there’s clearly still work to be done and contractors aren’t convinced that reform is manageable. But even so, whichever way you look at it, contracting isn’t dead – nor will IR35 reform spell the end to working in this way.”

Maley added that when the reforms bedded in, the situation would change.

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