Recruitment and supply chains top worries for Yorkshire firms


A new poll of businesses across Yorkshire has found that shortages of staff and damage to supply chains are the top concerns that they have for the upcoming year.

Headstar, a finance recruitment firm located in Leeds, carried out this survey, and it spoke to more than 80 owners of companies across the Yorkshire region for it. The results show that 53.6% have experienced problems with their supply chains over the course of 2021, while 28.6% of them had suffered shortages of staff – with this being largely attributed to Covid-19 self-isolation.

When it comes to the year ahead, 52% of the firms surveyed by Headstar indicated that they felt ongoing problems with supply chains would be their main headache. In total, 58% said that finding the skilled workers they need would be their biggest issue, while creating profits was the major concern for 40% of the firms. Accountants in Goole or any other part of the region may be able to offer useful advice to firms dealing about these issues.

Causes of the problems with supply chains include a chronic lack of lorry drivers, the decision by the UK to leave the EU and the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has led to worries that the country could face a full-blown crisis by next year.

There were encouraging signs though, as more than one third of the Yorkshire businesses that took part said that they were on course to reach financial targets, with nearly one fifth currently exceeding those targets.

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