Businesspeople in Yorkshire hopeful of pandemic recovery

Happy Business Man

Businesses across North Yorkshire are positioned well to bounce back effectively from the Covid-19 crisis, the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) chief executive has claimed.

James Farrar is arguing that small firms across the county have managed the lengthy crisis period extremely well due to effective leadership, which has managed to prevent heavy job losses and lots of businesses going to the wall.

However, he has also pointed out that firms in the county still face a number of concerns going into 2022, with having difficulties securing the stock they need and finding employees with the necessary skills and qualifications being top of the list.

According to This is the Coast, the LEP for York and North Yorkshire published its yearly report recently, and in it, chairperson Helen Simpson stated that the results of various partnerships between sectors had been very impressive. She then went on to add that:

“In response to Covid, our ‘Reshaping the Economy’ plan builds on our Local Industrial Strategy, providing a clear route to recovery.”

Accountants in Goole and other parts of Yorkshire can support small firms there with this recovery by helping with aspects like financial planning and investment.

Simpson continued her statement in the report by arguing that the community and businesses in the county had demonstrated spirit, togetherness and determination to come through the crisis.

The chairperson concluded by saying that she was confident that the necessary funding would be secured that would enable the area to take advantage of opportunities that appear as a result of it.

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