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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located in the Ryedale district of Yorkshire are being urged to put in applications for a new council scheme that could net them £5,000 in grant funding.

Called the Ryedale Small Business Development Grant Scheme, it is the brainchild of the District Council. Both those who are just setting up their businesses and more established firms are eligible to apply for it, as the grants are intended to help pay start-up costs and to support existing firms to grow.

It is also hoped that the money being provided through the scheme will assist some small firms in the area that are struggling following the Covid-19 crisis. It is not the only source of support these firms have, however, as a business accountant in Goole or another part of Yorkshire can advise on issues like debt management.

The only condition attached to the scheme is that firms must have fewer than 250 people working for them to be eligible. The maximum amount that they can receive is £5,000 from a total grant pot of £30,000.

Speaking to the Gazette & Herald, Phillip Spurr from the council stated that:

“The pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt their ways of working and many are finding this needs to be a long term change.”

Spurr went on to add that the council was hoping the cash being made available through this new grant fund would assist them in making the changes that they need to make.

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