Business Meeting

At the recent AGM of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), its chairman sought to reassure members of the business community that they will continue to be supported after its dissolution.

Although the LEP is breaking up, Stephen Parnaby told those taking part in the virtual AGM that the Humber Leadership Board would be assuming control of the Local Industrial Strategy, as well as the issues concerning ports, decarbonisation and energy. This board is made up of the chairpersons of the Hull and East Riding and Greater Lincolnshire LEPs, plus four council leaders.

According to Business Live, Parnaby went on to tell the assembled business owners that the future of the region’s economy depended on working with other organisations along the Humber Estuary. He continued by saying that the LEP had been at the heart of the link-up between the South and North Bank for that reason, before adding:

“The legacy we leave as a Humber LEP is a region of much clearer economic identity, sense of purpose and a reason for being. The Energy Estuary is now well established and what we and the organisations we work with have started will continue to grow.”

The LEP is being dissolved due to changes announced by the government connected with single LEP representation, with this scheduled to take place on 1st April next year. While this will be a loss to the business community, there are other organisations available to support them, and accountancy services in South Yorkshire can assist them with any financial issues.

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