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It can sometimes be difficult for sole traders to find an accountant able to offer the service they need, despite stats published by the government last year showing that sole traders account for well over half of all legal business types in the UK. However, there is a great deal that a suitable accountant can offer a sole trader.

Firstly, an accountant can provide their clients with more time to focus on building their businesses by taking on the financial aspect. It is possible to find a specialist accountant for sole traders in Goole and other areas of the country that will understand the needs of this type of business and will handle all areas needed, from keeping proper financial records to filling out a tax return. This frees a sole trader’s time up to work on growing their company.

An accountant who specialises in dealing with this sort of self-employed business will grasp the unique requirements of sole trader firms. These can range from round-the-clock availability to answer queries and deal with problems to fast completion of accounts. By comparison, a regular accountant will often be available only within standard business hours and offer once-a-year meetings, at which you have to try to deal with all issues in a limited amount of time.

At Adaptive Accountancy, we have helped numerous sole traders realise the potential of their businesses during the past decade. Give us a call to see what we can do to support your company.

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