While many sole traders and self-employed people select to submit their annual self-assessments on their own, there are numerous advantages to having your tax return handled by a professional accountancy firm. Whether you are newly self-employed or have been operating outside of an established company and going it alone for some time, read on for some of the key advantages of hiring help from qualified accountants to complete tax returns.

Accurate accounting for complete peace of mind

Whether you use free accounting software, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or a traditional ledger, keeping up-to-date records of your business transactions becomes critical when it’s time to fill in your annual self-assessment. Instead of leafing through boxes of receipts, printing off invoices and scanning bank statements in a rush to meet the deadline, seeking help from an accountancy firm can be a wise move.

With an accountant managing your self-assessment, all you need to do is provide them with all your data and they will complete the task for you, collating it and calculating your annual earnings for the tax year. That nervous moment when you complete a return and wonder if you forgot to mention a transaction will be mitigated, with an accurate tax return completed by a qualified accountant. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if there is a problem with your tax, you won’t be dealing with HMRC on your own, but with strong support on your side.

Ensuring you claim all expenses you’re entitled to

Many self-employed people are unaware of how much they can claim in expenses that offset the tax they owe. A qualified accountant completing your self-assessment on your behalf can make certain you list all the items you are entitled to. These may involve costs for office supplies and stationery, uniforms you must wear as a part of your work, travel costs incurred while on business and even bank charges.

You can even claim for heating and lighting bills, as well as marketing costs if you paid for a website or for advertisements, along with many other elements you need to run your enterprise. A professional accountant can make sure all expenses are itemised on your return so that you take home the true percentage of your yearly income that you are entitled to, effectively reducing your annual tax bill from HMRC. Taking advantage of expert accounting in this way can free up your funds to feed back into your business.

Specialists in self-assessment on your side

If you’re seeking professional tax return services in Goole, our team at Adaptive Accountancy are an ideal choice. Experienced in accurate accounting for self-assessments, we make it our business to ensure you always take home the maximum amount of your income possible.

Whether you are looking for short-term assistance to navigate your annual tax return or require ongoing accounting as a sole trader, you can rely on us for assistance. Contact us today to benefit from an accountancy service that is tailored to you needs, so you only pay for the help you require.

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