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A number of support options have been announced to help firms in South Yorkshire that have been forced to shut down again as the region goes into Tier 3 lockdown.

Under the terms of this tier, which is the highest level of the government’s three-level approach to restrictions, businesses such as soft play centres, gaming venues and pubs that do not provide what is considered to be “substantial meals” have all had to shut their doors again. However, the government has announced financial measures to try to help firms affected make it through this period.

One of the measures is a Local Restrictions Support Grant, which will be available to firms that are paying business rates on their headquarters; are in an area where regional lockdown restrictions have forced them to close; are being forced to stay shut for a minimum of three weeks; and cannot use their main premises to provide standard in-person service to customers.

The number of these grants that firms can apply for will depend on how many business properties they have that are liable for rate payments and are located in locked down areas.

South Yorkshire firms will also have the option of applying for help from a package worth £30 million that the government is providing for the region via Sheffield City Council, with details of this to come.

A business accountant in South Yorkshire is another possible option for firms in this situation, as they could potentially suggest ways of restructuring finances to help firms survive.

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